Trump Accepted White Supremacist Donations

It’s not a big stretch to assume that white supremacists donated money to candidate Trump. After all, he retweeted their oh so intelligent tweets numerous times as did his son, Donald J. Trump, Jr. And one only has to dare visit any one of the Alt-Right, Neo-Nazi or white supremacist websites to see their deluded vision of Trump. Most often they picture him as a muscle bound, 30 year old, perfect Aryan specimen reminiscent of the 1930’s Nazi posters of Hitler in gleaming knight armor upon his trusty white stead. A picture that is completely counter to the orange skinned, bloated comb over version the rest of us know. Then there’s all the dog whistle comments he made during the campaign, his verbal attacks on Mexicans, Muslims, his refusal to disavow Klan leader David Duke and so on. And last but not least, he hired Steve Bannon of Breitbart News. Steve Bannon! The white supremacist poster boy before Trump came about. I would be more shocked if he hadn’t taken money from white supremacist groups.

At the RNC convention in July 2016, reporters got wind that a well known white supremacist, William Daniel Johnson, was a Trump delegate. Johnson wasn’t hard for them to spot as he’s an attorney who has run for office many times. Thankfully, he lost each time. He is also a chairman of the American Freedom Party (AKA The American 3rd Position Party); a party that began in 2010 in response to their disgust with America’s first black president. Additionally, Johnson is well known because he is listed as a hate extremist on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) website. The SPLC is the authority when it comes to hate groups and individuals. Johnson is also frequent speaker at Tea Party events and has a written books under the pen name James O. Pace. Here is a sample of his work:

“No person shall be a citizen of the United States unless he is a non-Hispanic white of the European race, in whom there is no ascertainable trace of Negro blood, nor more than one-eighth Mongolian, Asian, Asia Minor, Middle Eastern, Semitic, Near Eastern, American Indian, Malay or other non-European or non-white blood, provided that Hispanic whites, defined as anyone with an Hispanic ancestor, may be citizens if, in addition to meeting the aforesaid ascertainable trace and percentage tests, they are in appearance indistinguishable from Americans whose ancestral home is in the British Isles or Northwestern Europe. Only citizens shall have the right and privilege to reside permanently in the United States.”

— William Daniel Johnson (as “James O. Pace”), Amendment to the Constitution

When the media questioned them, Trump’s team quickly stated that it was “a database error” in an attempt to distance themselves from the racist delegate and then feigned ignorance as they asked him to step down. Yet according to a Mother Jones article by Josh Harkinson written for the July/August 2016 issue, the Trump campaign was aware of Johnson because he’d conducted robocalls for Trump in Vermont and Minnesota during the primaries. In these calls he expressed his concerns about the decline of the white race in America. Call me crazy, but that would be a clue that he’s a white power kind of guy. So it would seem highly implausible that the Trump team did not know who Johnson was.

All of this begs the question, did they truly cut ties with Johnson? To find out, I did some digging and discovered that Trump continued to accept money from Johnson well after the delegate incident.

William Daniel Johnson donated $4,175 to Trump’s campaign. $925 of that came after the convention. The campaign did return $250 according to Federal Election Campaign (FEC) records. You would think that they would have returned all his checks being that the media busted them trying to make him a delegate. But then again, maybe they knew the media was lazy. They did at least uncover that Johnson’s American National Super PAC (C00591610) had donated to Trump via advertising. In all, his PAC spent $5,800 in advertising for Trump. This brings his total donations, at least the ones I discovered, to $9,975. It was also reported that he contributed to Trump via robocalls in Utah recently. He told Utah residents that Trump’s opponent, Evan McMullin was gay and that they should therefore vote for Trump. Classy.

I realize this is not a lot of money, but it’s not the amount that is important here. Trump is not the first to have white supremacists donate to his campaign and he won’t be the last. But Trump’s team knew this man was the leader of a white supremacist political party and continued to take his money even as late as August 22, 2016. It is important to know which candidates these pigs are supporting. At least it is to me.

Here are some other racist slobs that donated to Donald Trump:

  1. Brian Hoostal of Grabill, Indiana. Hoostal is a member of the American 3rd Party (A3P). On 4/29/2016 he donated $219.21.
  2. Daniel Williams of North Ridgeville, Ohio. Also an A3P member donated a total of $203 divided into three donations.
  3. Jason Cook of Lapeer, Michigan is a member of the Michigan A3P. On 6/27/2016, he gave Trump a whopping $12. Big spender.
  4. Paul Gottfried of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania is the president of the H.L. Mencken Club which is a white supremacist think tank group. He’s a former professor and thus holds a position of power and awe for many younger Alt-Right morons. In other words, he’s a thinkin’ racist. His writings have been featured on Stormfront and VDARE Alt-Right websites. He gave a big $60 to Trump. Guess those racist gigs don’t pay much,
  5. Peter Brimelow from Litchfield, Conneticut is the founder of, another well known white supremacist website that is recognized by the SPLC as a hate group. Peter also has the distinction of being listed as a hater, not a lover, by the SPLC. He’s been a guest speaker on Political Cesspool, another SPLC recognized hate group. He’s advocated the RNC should concentrate on white voters to win elections. It seems Trump took his advice to heart. He’s the winner of the Cheapest Nazi Award for giving Trump two donations of $2.40 each on 7/12/2016.
  6. Robert Sullivan of New Palestine, Indiana is a member of that state’s A3P party. On 7/28/2016, he donated $200 to Trump.

All of these records can be found on the FEC’s website. Identities of these people were validated through multiple resources. Many individuals were not included because I could not verify the information through different sources.

Other candidates that have been caught taking money from these people have defended themselves by saying they can’t possibly check every donation. Really? I understand the argument that one cannot know every single member of every single Klan, Nazi, Alt-Right hate group. But we are talking about known individuals. It is not hard to make a list of these people and run the names through the database.

Next post: guess who else loves the white supremacist’s money? Hint: they are Republicans.