FOCUS PEOPLE! There are only two things to demand of Congress in regards to Trump.

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Not a day goes by that I am not asked to write about something in regards to Trump. Without a doubt, there is a never ending supply of topics from which to choose from. A sort of fish in a barrel scenario. And though I’d prefer to write about the future of the Democratic Party and what we should be working towards or work on my book concerning my experiences as a former Border Patrol Agent, I acquiesce more often than not that it is a necessary evil.

If you are like my wife and I, your life has become Trump. We talk about him and his actions when we wake up. We text each other throughout the day, “Did you just hear about blah blah blah?” We cannot have a phone conversation without discussing some aspect of our current political nightmare. Every single day there is disgust about a nominee for a cabinet position, disbelief over another flurry of executive orders, anger with our congressional leaders, fear for our immigrant communities and our gay rights and so on and so forth. In the evenings, we’ve taken to avoiding the news so as to try and relax only to find ourselves checking Twitter and such for the latest.

There is just simply too much to pay attention to. I have no doubt that this all a part of their plan; they intend to wear us down. All of it is worthy, all of it is deserving of research and a thoughtful article, a protest, a call or a letter. But we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off. And while I vehemently believe and have participated in taking to the streets when women’s and immigrant rights are being trampled on, I just don’t have time for every single protest and neither do you.

The problem with democrats

One of the reasons republicans are so successful is that they march together. They get their talking points down, they hit the airways and social media until they have saturated the political environment with their complaints or ideas. As democrats, liberals, we like to listen to everyone’s views. It is part of our ideology that everyone speak their own truth. And while I love, love, love this philosophy, it doesn’t make for a strong front against such a well organized adversary such as Trump and his Trumpites.

Think of it this way: if the goal is to tip over a cow, how does each party go about it? (I use cow tipping simply because I was raised in Alabama before defecting to California. No, I’ve never gone cow tipping, and I don’t play the banjo,  but this makes a great visual for discussing the problem.) Democrats would get together, hear everyone out as to their thoughts on how exactly to tip the cow. Would this harm the cow? What will it do to the grass? What if it violates the cow’s rights? Then each person would walk up to the cow and attempt their own plan on how to tip the cow. Some may join forces, but there will be at least twenty different ideas on how to accomplish the task at hand.

Republicans, on the hand, will gather and discuss ideas. Then they will be told what the plan of action is by their leaders, and all will then proceed in mass to charge the cow and push it over. Should anyone decent, they will have cow poo thrown on them and will not be invited to play next time.

Like I said, that’s not how we like to work as liberals, but I would like you to consider the seriousness of what is occurring under this administration. Soon, we will lose even the right to get together and have a discussion how to tip that cow. So, we better get together on this and do it now.

So what now?

The trick is to focus on what will stop Trump. While marching about individual rights of various groups being infringed upon or flooding the phones of our congressional leaders over nominees is important, we are becoming hyper-reactive to things that will not cause the Trump cow to tip over.

I was reminded last week by David From on MSNBC and again this week after reading an article by David Corn of Mother Jones, that there are really only two things to pay attention to:

  1. Trump’s business and financial conflicts of interest are real and currently violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution. This is an impeachable offense.
  2. Without a doubt, Russia hacked our election and stole data from both republican and democratic parties. There must be an investigation into this and into Trump’s and his administration’s ties to Vladimir Putin and Russia. This, if true, is also an impeachable offense.

If we do not work together now and demand these two issues be investigated, they will go down in history like who killed JFK. We will never know. This is why Trump and republicans are moving fast. They are attempting to get as much done before we wake up and demand action. Right now they have a moron as president who will sign his name to anything they put in front of him. Trump exists as a scapegoat for them as well. If things go wrong, they can blame Trump or Obama.

Republicans are as guilty of these two crimes as much as Trump is. They are complicit and that is why they are dragging their collective feet and feeding the media. They have the media chasing it’s own tail to nowhere. Just look at last week’s example: Trump and his nefarious sycophants release a statement that the media is not reporting all terrorist attacks. Then the media spends two or three days trying to prove Trump wrong and defend themselves when they should be discussing and investigating the Russian connection and his Emoluments Clause violations.  A real wag the dog scenario.

You can still pay attention to and act on other issues. You must and should! If your beef is with immigration, call your congress people. If you are beside yourself about defunding of Planned Parenthood, write your representatives. If you are angry about disenfranchised voters, volunteer to help them get registered.

BUT you must also write, call, tweet, email and protest demanding these two issues be addressed by our legislature. Nothing, NOTHING, is more important. NOTHING will have a greater impact than these two issues. 

Let me repeat that: There is nothing more able to tip that Trump cow over than these two issues.

Here is an example of a postcard you can copy and send. Click on the image to bring it up in your photo app, and then right click and save photo to your computer. If you have the time and money, I suggest you make multiples through Vistaprint or elsewhere. Take them to rallies and hand them out to everyone. Please contact me at if you are unable to download the postcard and I can send you the jpeg file.






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