To Win, Dems Have to Revisit Voting Rights Act

I was never under the illusion that the Electoral College would save us from Dear Leader Trump. Much of our reaction as Dems has been a sort of knee jerk one. The simple truth that none of us can prevent is that he will become our 45th president. That is not to say we should just give up. There are serious issues being raised with his presidency even before he takes the oath that must be addressed. He will be impeachable due to his violation of the Emoluments Clause, his ties to foreign governments, the Russians hacking in order to assure him the presidency, etc. All need to be discussed at length. After all, Trump, like any other elected official, should be held accountable and scrutinized if he wants to hold the highest office in the land.

But none of those investigations will occur with this Republican held Congress. Modern day Republicans have proven time and again that they care little about America nor about working with the other party to make this country “great.” Their interests lie in obstructionist politics and are about power, money and control. But if Democrats want to start winning, and so far I’ve seen little evidence of this, they have to start working the long game. They have to start figuring out how to win elections. Republicans have been playing this long game since Reagan. Trump’s election is the result of 30 plus years of plotting, organizing and executing by groups like the Heritage Foundation and not some fly by night op.

One of the main areas Democrats need to work on is voting rights. Without it, they will always be pushing that boulder uphill. A reminder:

The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the

United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.

Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.” 1

Seems fairly straight forward to me, but racist legislatures being the jerks that they are, don’t think so. Oddly enough, these men were Democrats who were angry at the Lincoln Republicans for freeing slaves. (Yes, I admit that in the beginning Republicans were on the side of civil rights, but things have changed.) Once this Amendment was passed in 1870, they went to work establishing the Jim Crow laws. These laws, predominantly used in Southern states, implemented not only the “separate but equal” laws but voting restictions that were not only selectively enforced, but were biased against minorities. To vote, African Americans were required to pass literacy tests, prove they paid their taxes, not been in prison, etc. If that wasn’t enough, legislatures even purged voter rolls of minorities. A wee bit too familiar eh?

Yoichi Okamoto

Thanks to President Johnson, the Voter Rights Act was passed in 1965 to end all such minority voter disenfranchisement. Knowing that these racist state legislatures would continue to try and pass such laws, Section 5 stated that any proposed voting law would have to be approved by the Department of Justice before implemented. That didn’t stop them from trying though. Even as the parties switched sides, Democrats becoming more inclusive and championing minority rights while Republicans became more exclusive, Southern state legislatures and local governments continued to challenge the law.

In 2013, they finally won with Shelby v. Holder; a case that was not won in U.S. District or Appellant Courts but solely in the Supreme Court by a 5-4 margin. The court held that though Section 5’s preclearance was constitutional, the manner in which the federal government determined which states would be required to meet the standard, Section 4, was not. According to Chief Justice Roberts:

“There is no denying, however, that the conditions that originally justified these

measures no longer characterize voting in the covered jurisdictions.”

He based his decision on the most current Census Bureau statistics stating that African American voter turnout was larger in 5 out of the 6 states affected. In other words, Blacks were no longer afraid to vote, and legislatures were no longer racist.2


Within two hours of the court’s decision, Texas passed their first voter restriction, the voter ID requirement. Other states followed. It just so happened that all the states that the federal government had deemed in the past to be too racist to be trusted in regards to voters’ rights started working on their own voter restriction laws under the guise of protecting elections from voter fraud. Not one state has ever produced evidence of sufficient voter fraud to effect an election. Yet these states have passed a multitude of laws regarding who can and cannot vote: Texas, Arizona, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina….get the picture?

Voter ID is the most common restriction. The problem with this law is that not everyone can afford to pay for an ID. To deny someone their right to vote because of money is akin to the poll tax laws under Jim Crow. To combat this, some of these states have made it free. Fair enough, problem solved you say? Not so fast. These states then turned around and began closing their departments that issue said IDs and polling sites saying that it was in an effort to save money. Actually, it is just another way to keep minorities from voting. In state after state, the closures occurred in only districts with high Black or Hispanic populations, not in predominately white districts. Not only did voters have to travel as far as 250 miles (Texas) to obtain said ID, they then had to travel to other districts just to find their assigned polling stations.

Another common tactic used by these Republican legislatures is redistricting. This is occurring in both state and local governments. As an example, instead of having 10 districts with mixed populations, they are redrawn so that 8 or 9 of the districts contain majority whites and the remaining are Black or Hispanic. This leaves minority communities with less representation by diluting their vote. Some legislatures have even further divided white communities so as to give them more representatives on local councils and state legislatures.

Other tricks include changing polling sites at the last minute without notifying voters, moving elections from November to July, holding minority polling sites in police stations, eliminating same day registration and Sunday voting and only opening ID issuing offices one day a month. All of these have been statistically proven to reduce minority turn out. They have even changed the dates of elections just as was done under the Jim Crow laws.

As it stands now, the federal government is being required to challenge each and every law passed in court using valuable time and money to fight the same fight over and over. It’s the same plan Republicans use in regards to abortion: overwhelm the opposition in court battles. Meanwhile, the laws will stand until the cases work their way back through the courts only to end up with the same result. North Carolina’s recent debacle with their voter restriction laws is a prime example. North Carolina Republicans knew these laws were racist and didn’t even try to hide the fact before the court. The goal was simply to tie Democrats up in court and suppress their vote until after the 2016 election.

Democrats have more than enough ammunition to prove Justice Roberts wrong. Unfortunately, there is still one party willing to violate the 15th Amendment to control legislatures. There is no doubt that this is a blatantly racist tactic used by Republicans to gain control over local, state and federal elections. Republicans can and will continually challenge these laws. Democrats need to continually challenge these voter restriction laws and work to get Shelby v. Holder overturned no matter the costs. It does not matter if they lose. They must take a stand. If not, we will become a party of one.

This article was written in reference to: “History of the VRA,” The Leadership Conference, retrieved Dec. 20, 21016,

“When you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.” – Donald Trump

trump-1822121_640Will Congress look into this shit storm Trump has created? Will he will be investigated for his ties to Vladimir Putin? Will an investigation be conducted as to his knowledge of the Russian hacking? Will Congress demand to know if Russia’s goal was to influence the American vote for Trump?

If he’s a man of his word, then the answer is no. Perhaps he thinks he’s a man with impunity. Why else would someone make such a brazen comment?

But there are many other investigations of the Orange Menace required. His conflicts of interest concerning his foreign business associations need to be investigated. There is more than enough reason to believe that the very second he takes the oath, he will be in direct violation of the Emoluments Clause. Additionally, his finances need to be investigated because of his “yuge” debts to foreign banks. Is he appointing so many Goldman Sachs’ executives because he carries almost a billion dollars of debt with them? I don’t know, but that’s what some people are saying. I’m not saying that, but people are saying that.

If his quote above is true, then we have a lot more than Russians to worry about. If “they” will really “do whatever the hell” he wants, then there is no possible way America’s elected officials, both parties of both congressional houses, will ever investigate his ties to Russia. Why? Because he gave. Or even if they do, will his “giving” cause them to be biased towards him? Some are saying yes.

Like he said, “When you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.”

How much do you think it would take? How about $245,500 to current Senators and Representatives to both parties? Not enough you say. Fine. How about an additional $891,100 to their PACS? More? Would another $367,603 to parties make you uneasy? It should.

Will $1,504,203 be enough to buy Trump the presidency? We shall see. That’s the exact amount he and his children gave to current senators and republicans of both parties. This does NOT include any money given to PACS that are not required to report donor names, aka dark money. And his does NOT include money Trump gave to state and local politicians and PACS. If I were to include that, Trump’s total in political donations would be $4,248,931.73.

Let’s hope our leaders will do the right thing and not do whatever the hell Trump wants them to do.

Elected Leaders:

  1. Corey Booker (D-NJ) Senator – $20,400
  2. Alan David Brat (R-VA) Representative – $2,600
  3. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) Senator – $2,000
  4. Barbara Comstock (R-VA) Representative – $3,000
  5. John Cornyn ( R-TX) Senator – $6,100
  6. Charlie Crist (D-FL) Representative – $6,900
  7. Steve Daines (R-MT) Senator – $1,000
  8. Ron Desantis (R-FL) Representative – $1,000
  9. Dan Donovan (R-NY) Representative – $11,400
  10. Richard Durbin (D-IL) Senator – $1,000
  11. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) Senator – $9,950
  12. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) Representative – $1,000
  13. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) Representative – $2,000
  14. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Senator – $17,800
  15. Charles Grassley (R-IA) Senator – $5,200
  16. Frank Guinta (R-NH) Representative – $1,000
  17. Andrew Harris (R-MD) Representative – $1,000
  18. Dean Heller (R-NV) Senator – $4,500
  19. Jim Jordan (R-OH) Representative – $1,000
  20. Peter King (R-NY) Representative – $6,600
  21. Steve King (R-IA) Representative – $4,000
  22. Raul Labrador (R-ID) Representative – $1,000
  23. Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ) Representative – $7,250
  24. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) Representative $5,500
  25. John McCain (R-AZ) Senator – $31,000
  26. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Senator -$10,400
  27. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) Senator – $3,000
  28. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) Representative – $1,000
  29. Bill Nelson (D-FL) Senator – $2,000
  30. Donald Norcross (D-NJ) Representative – $10,400
  31. Elanor Norton (D-D.C.) Delegate – $7,700
  32. David Perdue (R-GA) Senator – $2,000
  33. Charles Rangel (D-NY) Representative – $16,100
  34. Mike Rounds (R-SD) Senator – $2,000
  35. David Rouzer (R-NC) Representative – $1,000
  36. Edward Royce (R-CA) Representative – $2,500
  37. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) Representative – $1,000
  38. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Senator – $14,700
  39. Tim Scott (R-SC) Senator – $4,500
  40. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) Senator – $2,000
  41. Bill Schuster (R-PA) Representative – $2,000
  42. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) Senator – $2,000
  43. Thom Tillis (R-NC) Senator – $2,000
  44. David Trott (R-MI) Representative – $1,000
  45. Ann Wagner (R-MO) Representative – $1,000
  46. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) Representative – $2,000


  1. American Crossroads PAC – $50,000
  2. Americans for Republican Majority PAC – $1,000
  3. Building Our Bases PAC – $500
  4. Committee for Leadership and Progress PAC – $5,000
  5. Congressional Leadership Fund PAC – $100,000
  6. CORPAC – $1,000
  7. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – $67,550
  8. Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee – $77,000
  9. Florida Victory Fund – $2,000
  10. Freedom & Free Enterprise PAC – $1,000
  11. Grassroots Victory Fund – $500
  12. HUCK PAC – $2,500
  13. Hudson Valley Victory Fund – $500
  14. Jobs, Freedom, & Security PAC – $5,000
  15. John Bolton Super PAC – $5,000
  16. Kentuckians for Strong Leadership PAC – $60,000
  17. National Leadership PAC – $18,000
  18. National Republican Congressional Committee – $75,400
  19. National Republican Senatorial Committee – $197,600
  20. New Jersey First – $5,000
  21. New Jersey Senate 2006 – $1,000
  22. New York Republican Federal Campaign Committee – $10,000
  23. New York Salute 1998 PAC – $10,000
  24. Reform PAC – $1,000
  25. Republican National Committee – $161,050
  26. Searchlight Leadership Fund – $1,000
  27. Solutions America PAC – $6,500
  28. Straight Talk America PAC – $6,500
  29. Sunshine PAC – $500
  30. The Commonwealth PAC – $5,000
  31. USA Super PAC – $5,000
  32. Victory Fund – $1,000

Political Parties:

  1. Arkansas Republican Party – $25,000
  2. California Republican Party – $25,000
  3. Nevada Republican Party – $12,500
  4. Nevada Republican Central Committee – $12,500
  5. New Jersey Democratic Party – $2,103
  6. North Carolina Republican Party – $500
  7. Republican Party of Florida – $261,000
  8. Republican Party of Iowa – $9,000
  9. Republican Party of New Mexico – $5,000
  10. South Carolina Republican Party – $15,000

Should you need my database for your research, just email me and I will share.

Politicians Who Take Contributions from Hate Groups

This piece is the end of a series on how white supremacists have been infesting the Republican Party much longer than the advent of Donald Trump. Please take the time to read previous articles in this series.



The truth is far scarier than the media portrays. Donald trump is not the new face of the Republican Party. He is merely the end product of over thirty years of planning. Republicans have been progressively veering hard right. They have become political hacks with no concept of reality or humanity. Their ideology is all they have and in an effort to stand out, each candidate has pushed the proverbial envelope a little further, and then further still. Republican policies now so closely mimic those of white nationalists and other hate groups that they stand a chance of being labeled as such themselves, and I would argue that the shoe fits in more than a few of these listed. They are on the edge now. Either they put their clown car in reverse, or they go over the cliff. (Ron Paul with Grand Dragon of AL KKK, Don Black and son. Pic via:

It seems we are all afraid to say that these candidates are racist. Their response when called out on their racist, sexist and homophobic policies is to claim that we are intolerant of their intolerance. This is not an argument. It is meant to turn the tables and accuse the accuser. It is meant to devalue your position.  Some argue that it is part of their religion to discriminate. That may be true but there is such a thing as the separation of church and state, or at least there used to be. If your religion says you should discriminate, then your religion is bigoted and not those refusing to allow you to impose it on others. If a candidate’s policies mirror those of white supremacists, then they agree with said racists. They envision a racist in a white hood running around lighting huge crosses on fire while screaming the N-word. But there are different levels of racism, and these new fangled racists are the kind that have put their hoods away but still hold the values, rhetoric and issues of those hooded men.

There is no excuse for accepting and not returning or donating any funds from these known hate group leaders. None.

I’ve been collecting data for weeks now in a frantic obsession to know if hate groups were supporting political candidates. It’s one thing to assume or have an opinion, but I wanted some facts. Hard facts. This all started after reading about the Charleston, SC Mother Emanuel church shooting when The Rachel Maddow Show connected the shooter, Dylann Roof,  to the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) and then connected the CofCC to Republican political donations. After that aired and more media outlets picked up the story, Republicans were like keystone cops trying to rid themselves of the white nationalist group’s money that all came from the CofCC president, Earl Holt. They claimed over and over that they had no idea who Holt was. Really? Strange since the CofCC has been in politics since its inception. Holt is very well known and even has a radio show.

I wondered about the other board members of the CofCC. And that led to wondering about other hate organizations. And that in turn led to countless hours staring at databases and many pads of yellow paper for notes. Eventually I logged all the data into an Excel spreadsheet to better understand the patterns. I researched every person and organization listed as a hate extremist individual or group with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). I found over 650 political contributions via the Federal Election Center (FEC) records and As the name implies the FEC contains records for federal candidates and FollowTheMoney will have state and federal.

Then I had to figure out why they donated. Where did their ideals align? Did they align? As I mentioned in my last article, the CofCC platform is almost identical to the current Republican Party platform. Both white supremacists and these candidates listed are against a woman’s right to choose, against women earning equal pay, want to deport Muslims and most other immigrants, demand the end of separation of church and state and allow prayer in schools. They are against gay marriage or any gay rights, affirmative action, quotas and social welfare programs. They believe in the “America First” philosophy touted during WWII by anti-Semitic, racist Americans who did not see the Nazis as so much of a problem and thus argued for America to stay out of the fight. By the way, “America First” is also one of Donald Trumps mantras. These republicans will not admit their racism, yet their policies are the exact same as these known hate groups’.

Patterns. The majority of republicans listed themselves as Tea Party members or were endorsed by the Tea Party. In fact, republicans should just change their party name to the Tea Party. The old school republicans could have their party back. All candidates that received contributions agreed with these hate groups on a variety of issues, and that is why the groups donated to their campaigns. Even some of the racist members of these groups have run for office.

Below you will find my results. It is rather lengthy; I am extremely thorough. I’ve honestly struggled with how to display this information for you so that you will be able to readily grasp the reality of the situation. Mind you this is merely the tip of the iceberg. These are the ones I could easily find and cross reference. I will explain a little about each group and it’s members and then list prominent candidates who have gladly taken their money. Lastly I will give the long list I’ve developed. Some of these candidates have passed, some are no longer in office. A small few are even democrats, libertarians and others. But I believe it’s important to list them so you can see how pervasive and systemic the infestation of white supremacy has become in the Republican Party. You should also note that these records extends from 2000 to today. This is not a new phenomena, but more of the same for republicans.

The following is a list of extremist hate organizations and board members as found on IRS documents and a description of the contributors as found on the SPLC website unless otherwise indicated. There are many members of these groups that are not listed simply because they do not make political contributions.

  1. Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) – The more genteel Klu Klux Klan. This group was the inspiration to Dylann Roof, the young man who murdered 9 Mother Emanuel parishioners in Charleston, SC. This group has many ties to republican politicians. They believe in a white, Christian America. No gays, Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, feminists or liberals are welcome.
    • Earl and Kathleen Pendelton Holt III – Longview, TX. President of CofCC. Earl enjoys ranting about minorities on his radio show out of St. Louis, MO. He opposes the mixing of races and calls the Holocaust a lie. He has been featured on white nationalist sites such as StormFront and American Renaissance.
    • Col. Robert L. Slimp – Columbia, SC. CofCC board member and former Army Chaplain. Slimp writes for the CofCC’s paper the Citizen Informer.
    • Leonard R. Wilson – Townley, AL. Deceased. Wilson was the AL Chapter Director for the CofCC, an attorney, state commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and member of the White Citizens Council of Tuscaloosa, AL. He also served in both the republican and democratic state committees and was an AL state delegate in 5 Republican National Conventions. 3
    • John and Brenda O. Casteel – Newport, AR. Board member. Owner of Casteel Insurance Company. He was Jackson County’s Republican Chairman until his racist comments forced him to step down. 2
    • Sam G. Dickson – Atlanta, GA. Board Member. Dickson is an attorney and has represented Klan members. He’s fond of speaking at American Renaissance and CofCC conferences where I assume they discuss how much they hate gays and blacks.
    • James Edwards – Bartlett, TN. Board member and radio show host for The Political Cesspool, a white nationalist show where he pontificates about being a bigot. He is also a member of the American Freedom Party.
    • Arthur Furniss – Hornlake, MS. Board member of CofCC.
    • Cheryl and Roan Garcia-Quintana – Mauldin, SC. Board member. Though Roan is Cuban born, he hates immigrants and would like them all to go home to their native countries. Roan is a former Reagan administration appointee. He was also on SC Governor Nikki Haley’s re-election campaign but was asked to resign when democrats discovered he was a member of the CofCC. He ran for SC Senate but came in second. Roan also worked at Georgia’s Department of Education and taught at the University of SC.
    • David Macko – Solon, OH. Board member. Macko is a retired Key Bank adjustor and wannabe politician. He runs under the libertarian ticket and loses. He is the current committeeman for the 14th OH Congressional District and Secretary to the Central Committee of the OH Libertarian Party. He enjoys protesting outside the SPLC offices shouting that less than 1 million Jews died of starvation and disease in the Holocaust. 3
    • Ray Martin – Trinity, AL. Board Member.
    • Sonny Thomas – Springboro, OH. Member and advocate for the League of the South. Sonny is also a member and founder of the Springboro Tea Party and has an internet radio show. He enjoys long walks around Springboro’s school board meetings waving a large confederate flag and yelling about his dislike of African Americans.4
    • Phillip L. White – Sebring, FL. Board member.
    • Ron Wilson – Easley, SC. Board member. Former Commander-in-Chief of Sons of Confederate Veterans. Former Anderson County council member. Former SC Board of Education member.
    • A.J. Barker – Clemens, NC. Board member. Owner of A.J. Barker Window and Sliding Company. He is also a contributor to the CofCC newspaper, the Citizen Informer.
  2. League of the South (LOS) – A neo-confederate organization started by southern university professors. With a plethora of chapters throughout the southern states. This group is among the most popular of the white nationalist groups. LOS is fond of placing billboards along highways that advocate the South succeeding from the U.S. No they are not joking. They believe in an all-white, Christian nation however that may come about. They are anti-immigrant and anti-gay as well. They also believe African Americans had a better quality of life under slavery than today. This was also a sentiment echoed by Donald Trump when he said that African Americas have never been worse off in America than now.
    • Ford E. Carl – Laurel, MS. Member of LOS. Carl is an attorney who represented Sam Bowers, the Imperial Wizard of the White Knights of the KKK, when he murdered Vernan Dahmer in 1966. Dahmer was a civil rights activist and president of the NAACP in Forest County, MS. Bowers also murdered Andrew Goodman, Michael Scherner and James Chaney near Philadelphia, MS is 1964. Carl has admitted to being a Klan member during the 1960’s.
    • Thomas E. Woods – Auburn, AL. LOS founding member. He is a Harvard and Columbia alum, historian, political author, libertarian and racist.5
  3. American Freedom Party (AFP) – Formerly known as the American Third Position (A3P). According to the SPLC, this group was originally started by “racist southern California skinheads.” They are known for their anti-immigrant and all white nation stance. They are politically active and attempt to gain power by running candidates from the presidency to local offices.
    • Virginia Abernethy – Nashville, TN. Director of AFP and former Vanderbilt University professor. She prefers to be called a segregationist as opposed to a white nationalist. She is also an associate of the CofCC. She advocates abolishing affirmative action, quotas, all government laws regarding racial discrimination and social welfare programs because she feels they encourage immigrants to have large families.
    • William Daniel and Lois Johnson – L.A. and La Canada, CA. William is the president of AFP. He is an attorney that has tried many times to get elected to various government offices. He wrote an amendment to the Constitution called the Pace Amendment which states that all non-whites, citizens or not, will be deported. He was also chosen by Donald Trump to be a delegate at the Republican National Convention. When the press recognized him, they stated it was an error and asked him to bow out. He did but Trump continued to accept his donations of money and “in-kind” donations in the form of robo-calls and ads from the AFP PAC called the American National Super PAC.
    • Scott V. Reid – Park Forest, IL. Member of AFP of Illinois.
  4.– SPLC considers this website to be the first internet site to promote hate. The site claims that America is being ruined by Jews who control Washington D.C. and the media. “White people, for a long time, have thought of our government as being for us, and Obama is the best possible evidence that we’ve lost. This is scaring a lot of people who maybe never considered themselves racist, and it’s bringing them over to our side.”
    • Don Black – West Palm Beach, FL. Founder and owner. Black was a member of David Duke’s KKK group during the 1970’s and became the Grand Dragon in Alabama. He even organized protest marches in defense of Robert Chambliss who was convicted of the 1963 Birmingham church bombing that killed four young African American girls.
  5. – This site contains “articles by prominent white nationalists, race scientists and anti-Semites.” It has a predominantly anti-immigrant focus but all hate is welcome as they don’t like to discriminate. It is considered the intellectual racist website.
    • Peter Brimelow – Litchfield, CT. Founder. Brimelow is an English immigrant who hates immigrants. He is responsible for spreading the idea amongst republicans that they should concentrate on the white vote to win the 2016 presidential election. He stated that the Tea Party movement was evidence of this.
  6. California Coalition for Immigration Reform – Now known as the National Coalition for Immigration Reform. This is a virulent anti-immigrant group.
    • Barbara Coe – Huntington Beach, CA. Deceased. Coe was the founder of this group and also a member of the CofCC. According to the SPLC, she often referred to Mexican immigrants as “savages,” and stated that Mexico was attempting to take back parts of the U.S. She also blamed liberals for this.
  7. The Robert A. Taft Club (The Taft Club) – A white nationalist group. It was reported that Ron Paul spoke at a meeting.
    • Marcus Epstein – McLean, VA. Epstein is the executive director of the Taft Club, Pat Buchanan’s The American Cause and Tom Tancredo’s Team America PAC. You can find his racist rants about white supremacy on literally every racist website. He has described blacks as having “psychopathic personalities.” You name it, if it’s not white, male and Christian, he hates it.
  8. – This site is considered an “anti-government” website. Readers can find articles about the Obama birtherism conspiracy started and spread by Donald Trump. They really, really hate Obama and blame him for everything from America not being Christian enough to gay marriage to the end of the world possibly coming. Whatever they don’t like, it’ Obama’s fault.
    • Joseph Francis Farrah – Centreville, VA. Founder. He believes that gays, liberals, blacks, Muslims, immigrants and non-Christians are leading America to destruction.
  9. H. L. Mencken Club – This is the club for elite white nationalists. They like to gather and discuss topics such as immigration and misandry. Pat Buchanan, Peter Brimelow and the founders of many other white nationalist websites, newspapers and radio programs speak at Mencken meetings.
    • Paul E. Gottfried – Elizabethtown, PA. Gottfried is a former humanities professor and current president of the M.L. Mencken Club, labeled a notoriously racist group by the SPLC. He contributes columns to white nationalist sites and American Renaissance.
  10. The Social Contract Press – This organization mostly publishes articles that are anti-immigrant. They promote the deportation of all Muslims and Hispanics, and demand that Congress make English the official language of the U.S. Any article or book written that espouses the inferiority of non-white races can be published by The Social Contract Press.
    • Wayne Charles Lutton – Poteskey, MI. Editor for Social Contract Quarterly. He hates gays, immigrants and anybody who isn’t white. He has spoken at the CofCC, The Institute of Historical Review (a Holocaust denial group) and has written for the Occidental Quarterly (white nationalist website). According to the SPLC, he is fond of making up statistics to prove his racist points.
    • John Tanton – Poteskey, MI. Former ophthalmologist. He runs The Social Contract Press and founded The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and NumbersUSA. These organizations have formed the current conservative policy on immigration. They openly advocate for the importance of America remaining a “European-American majority.” That just means white. FAIR members have actually testified before Congress on immigration issues.
  11. American Border Patrol – This group is basically a bunch of unemployed, racist, old white guys who have nothing else to do. Their views of Mexican immigrants being criminals, drug dealers and rapists were echoed by Donald Trump when he announced his presidential bid.
    • Glenn Spencer – Hereford, AZ. President. He has tried to bar children of undocumented immigrants from going to school and receiving assistance of any kind. He also subscribes to the theory that Mexico is trying to regain parts of the U.S. Not to discriminate, he enjoys attending the white supremacist groups as well.
  12. Institute for Historical Review – A faux intellectual group that denies the Holocaust and defends Nazis.
    • Mark Weber – Newport Beach, CA. Director. Weber began his racist career as an editor for a neo-Nazi newspaper. He mostly gives interviews discussing his belief that the Holocaust was created by Israel to justify their policies, attacks Anne Frank’s diary as not being true and states that testimony given by Jews from concentration camps cannot be trusted.

I have no expectations that political candidates should know all members of these groups. It is impossible. However, all of these people that I’ve listed are in leadership positions. They are easily discoverable. There is no justifiable reason why candidates should ever take donations from these people. A list can be obtained from the SPLC or other watchdog groups. It is as simple as that. Unless of course, they agree with these groups and want to support their hate mantras.

Let’s look at the candidates with the biggest hate purses, those candidates that are relative in today’s politics and finally I will list all the donations I found so that you can search for your representatives. If you find them on this list, call them and tell them to not accept donations from known hate groups and extremist individuals. (All candidate information was obtained through on December 3, 2016.)

  1. Ron Paul – Republican/Libertarian former U.S. House member representing TX and presidential candidate. The gold medal for most contributions received by a known hate group goes to Ron Paul. He opposed the Civil Rights Voting Act of 1964 and affirmative action. Ron is anti-immigration, against equal pay for women, for prayer in schools and against gay marriage. During the 1980’s, he sent out pamphlets with racist comments about African Americans. He raised over $1 million from these letters. His grand total is $26,454.40.
    • Virginia Abernethy (AFP)  – $4,951.20
    • Don Black ( – $500
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $500
    • Paul E. Gottfried (H.L. Mencken) – $300
    • Lois Johnson (AFP) – $2,300
    • William D. Johnson (AFP) – $7,000
    • Wayne Lutton (Social Contract) – $276.20
    • David Macko (CofCC) – $6,000
    • Scott Reid (AFP) – $1,000
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $1,130
    • Sonny Thomas (CofCC) – $197
    • Thomas Woods (CofCC) – $2,300
  2. Ted Cruz – Republican and Tea Party member, U.S. senator and presidential candidate. He is anti-gay, anti-immigrant, against equal pay for women and affirmative action. He thinks Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts for funding. Cruz is also for abolishing the Department of Education and social welfare. He returned or donated contributions made by Holt after Mother Emanuel shooting. Total contributions found are $16,600.
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $14,900
    • John Casteel (C0fCC) – $1,500
    • Glenn Spencer (American Border Patrol) – $200
  3. Tom Tancredo – Republican, former U.S. representative and gubernatorial candidate from CO. He believes in litmus tests for judges; they have to agree with his issues to be approved. Tancredo is against anything and everything non-white, non-Christian and non-male. He stated that Congressional black and Hispanic caucuses should be disbanded. He has spoken before many known hate groups and on the new white supremacist media outlets such as WorldNetDaily. Total contributions from these groups is $12,258.
    • Peter Brimelow (VDARE) – $593
    • Barbara Coe (CA Coalition of Immigration Reform) – $1,300
    • Marcus Epstein (Taft Club) – $515
    • Glenn Spencer (American Border Patrol) – $450
    • John Tanton (FAIR) – $9,200
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $200
  4. Donald Trump – Republican President Elect. Everyone knows his views align with many of these groups’ from abortion and women’s rights to immigration and civil rights. Total contributions from these known hate organizations is $10,091.
    • Paul Gottfried (H.L. Mencken) – $60
    • William D. Johnson (AFP) – $4,175
    • Phillip White (CofCC) – $56
    • American National Super PAC (AFP) – $5,800
  5. Rand Paul – Republican and Tea Party member, U.S. Senator from Kentucky and presidential candidate. Rand supports a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and denies that there is any discrimination against women based on their gender even though they don’t receive equal pay. He is against affirmative action and the Civil Rights Voting Act of 1964. He supports abolishing the Department of Education and TSA. Rand returned Holt donations after Mother Emanuel shooting. Total contributed by racist groups, $5,685.
    • Virginia Abernethy (AFP) – $500
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $200
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $2,500
    • William D. Johnson (AFP) – $2,150
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $385
    • Thomas Woods (LOS) – $200
  6. Mitt Romney – Republican, former governor of MA and presidential candidate. Romney is more towards the middle and I was frankly shocked to see any contributions from these groups to him. Total contributions are $3,500.
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $2,000
    • Katherine Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
    • Mark Weber (Inst. for Historical Review) – $500
  7. Rick Santorum – Republican, former U.S. senator for PA and presidential candidate. Santorum votes with his Bible. He supports white, male, Christian, “America First” policies. The only reason his donations are not larger is because he had so little time in office. Total donations are $4,250.
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $2,500
    • Mark Weber (Inst. of Historical Review) – $1,750
  8. Michele Bachmann – Republican and Tea Party member, former U.S. representative from MN and presidential candidate. Michele Bachmann aligns with Tancredo and even further right. Total money taken from known hate groups is $3,300.
    • Earl Holt (Cof CC) – $3,200
    • Glenn Spencer (American Border Patrol) – $100
  9. Eric Allan “Rick” Crawford – Republican U.S. Representative from AR.  Crawford aligns with Santorum on issues. Total money taken from CofCC is $4,325.
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $4,325

List of all donations by hate group members to political candidates. (When you see the word “candidate” next to office titles, that means they lost the election.)

  1. Abbott, Greg – (R-TX) Tea Party member and governor
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  2. ACT RIGHT PAC – supports republican candidates.
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  3. Aderholt, Robert – (R-AL) Tea Party member and U.S. representative
    • Leonard Wilson (CofCC) – $1,000
  4. Akin, Todd – (R-MO) Tea Party member and Former U.S. senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $3,500
  5. Allen, George – (R-VA) Tea Party member and Former U.S. senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  6. American Freedom Party – white supremacist party
    • Lois Johnson (AFP) – $4,000
    • William D. Johnson (AFP) – $7,000
  7. Americans for the Preservation of American Culture PAC – white supremacist PAC
    • Ron Wilson (CofCC) – $2,300
  8. Angle, Sharron – (R-NV) Tea Party member and U.S. senate candidate
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  9. Bachmann, Michelle – (R-MN) Tea Party member, former U.S. representative and presidential candidate
    • Earl Holt (Cof CC) – $3,200
    • Glenn Spencer (American Border Patrol) – $100
  10. Badnarik, Michael – (L-TX) U.S. representative and presidential candidate
    • David Macko (CofCC) – $2,500
  11. Baldwin, Charles – (I) presidential candidate
    • Barbara Coe (CA Coalition for Immigration Reform) – $500
  12. Barr, Bob – (L) presidential candidate
    • David Macko (CofCC) – $1,000
  13. Barrett, James Gresham – (R-SC) former U.S. representative
    • Ron Wilson (CofCC) – $3,000
  14. Baughn, Richard – (R-AL) former AL representative
    • Leonard Wilson (CofCC) – $100
  15. Bell, Jeffrey – (R-NJ) U.S. senate candidate
    • Earl Holt (Cof CC) – $500
  16. Bentley, Robert J. – (R-AL) governor
    • Arthur Furniss (CofCC) – $25
  17. Berg, Richard A. – (R-ND) former U.S. representative
    • Earl Holt (Cof CC) – $1,ooo
  18. Bevin, Matthew – (R-KY) Tea Party member and governor
    • Earl Holt (Cof CC) – $500
  19. Branton, William Strobel, Jr. – (R-SC) former SC senate and SC representative
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $350
  20. Broun, Paul – (R-GA) Tea Party member and former U.S. senator
    • Earl Holt (Cof CC) – $1,ooo
  21. Brown, Jeff – (R-TX) state supreme court justice
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $250
  22. Browne, Harry – (L-OH) presidential candidate
    • David Macko (CofCC) – $200
  23. Buchanan, Patrick – (R) Tea Party member and presidential candidate
    • A.J. Barker (CofCC) – $250
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $200
    • William D. Johnson (AFP) – $2,100
  24. Buck, Kenneth R. – (R-CO) backed by Tea Party and U.S. representative
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500
  25. Burton, Konni – (R-TX) backed by Tea Party and state senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $750
  26. CA Republican Party
    • Barbara Coe (CA Coalition for Immigration Reform) – $250
    • William D. Johnson (AFP) – $100
  27. Canseco, Franciso – (R-TX) Tea Party member and former U.S. representative
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,250
  28. Cassidy, William M. – (R-LA) Tea Party member and U.S. senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  29. Cavenaugh, Ronald – (D-AR) former state senator
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $150
  30. Chatfield, Lee – (R-MI) state representative
    • Charles Lutton (The Social Contract) – $50
  31. Chumley, Rob – (R-SC) state representative candidate
    • Ron Wilson (CofCC) – $1,000
  32. Coffman, Ronny G. – (R-AL) state representative candidate
    • Martin Ray (CofCC) – $100
  33. Coleman, Curtis – (R-AR) Tea Party member and gubernatorial candidate
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $300
  34. Combs, Tommy– (R-AL) state representative candidate
    • Leonard Wilson (CofCC) – $100
  35. Conner Bill – (R-SC) lt. governor candidate
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $100
  36. Constitution Party National Committee
    • Phillip White (CofCC) – $1,000
  37. Conway, John William – (D-KY) state attorney general
    • William D. Johnson (AFP) – $250
  38. Corbett, Larry E. – (R-AR) state representative candidate
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $150
  39. Corbin, Tom – (R-SC) state senator
    • Cheryl Garcia-Quintana (CofCC) – $2,000
    • Roan Garcia-Quintana (CofCC) – $2,000
  40. Cotton, Tom – (R-AR) Tea Party member and former U.S. senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,500
  41. Crawford, Rick – (R-AR)  Tea Party member and U.S. representative
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $4,325
  42. Cruz, Ted – (R-TX) Tea Party member, U.S. senator and presidential candidate
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $14,900
    • John Casteel (C0fCC) – $1,500
    • Glenn Spencer (American Border Patrol) – $200
  43. Cuccinelli, Kenneth – (R-VA) Tea Party member and state attorney general
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  44. Davis, Thomas C. – (R-SC) state senator
    • Robert Skimp (CofCC) – $35
  45. Delay, Gunner – (R-AR) state attorney general candidate
    • Joh Casteel (CofCC) – $600
  46. Djou, Charles K. – (R-HI) former U.S. representative
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $2,000
  47. Ducey, Douglas A. – (R-AZ) Tea Party member and governor
    • Glenn Spencer (Am. Border  Patrol) – $100
  48. Eby, Philip R. – (R-TX) Tea Party member and former state representative
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500
  49. Emmer, Thomas – (R-MN) U.S. representative
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500
  50. English Language PAC – PAC demanding Congress make English the official language of U.S.
    • John Tanton (Social Contract Press) – $5,500
  51. Ernst, Joni K. – (R-IA) Tea Party candidate and U.S. senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  52. Farley, Austin – (R-TN) state representative candidate and Political Cesspool radio show host. Political Cesspool is one of the most listened to white nationalist shows. Farley was also celebrated by the CofCC.
    • Edward James (CofCC & Political Cesspool) – $600
  53. Few, Sheri – (R-SC) Tea Party member, state representative candidate and superintendent of public instruction.
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $170
  54. Fight for Tomorrow PAC – supports republican candidates.
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  55. Finchem, Mark – (R-AZ) Tea Party member and state representative
    • Glenn Spencer (Am. Border Patrol) – $125
  56. Finlay, Kirkman III – (R-SC) state representative
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $35
  57. Flake, Jeff – (R-AZ) U.S. senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  58. Forton, Mark A. – (Reform Party-MI) Tea Party supporter and U.S. representative candidate
    • John Tanton (Social Contract Press) – $1,000
  59. Frazier, Ed – (R-AL) state representative candidate
    • Leonard Wilson (CofCC) – $250
  60. Fuqua, Charlie – (R-AR) Tea Party member and state representative
    • John & Benda Casteel (CofCC) – $1,057
  61. Gilchrist, James – (R-CA) Minutemen (anti-immigrant group) and state representative candidate
    • Barbara Coe (CA Coalition for Immigration Reform) – $500
  62. Gohmert, Louis – (R-TX) Tea Party member and U.S. representative
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  63. Grace, Dorman – (R-AL) agricultural commissioner candidate
    • Leonard Wilson (CofCC) – $100
  64. Graf, Randall – (R-AZ) former state representative
    • John Tanton (Social Contract Press) – $250
  65. Grooms, Larry – (R-SC) state representative
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $100
  66. Grow Our House PAC – supports republican candidates
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500
  67. Haley, Nikki – (R-SC) governor and just appointed as UN Ambassador for Trump Administration
    • Roan Garcia-Quintana (CofCC) – $100
    • Sonny Thomas (CofCC) -$18
  68. Harris, Rodney – (R-AR) state representative candidate
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $100
  69. Harvell, Dan – (R-SC) Anderson County republican chairman
    • Ron Wilson (CofCC) – $1,000
  70. Hayworth, J. D. – (R-AZ) supported by Tea Party and former U.S. representative
    •  Earl & Katherine Holt (CofCC) – $1,100
  71. Heller, Dean – (R-NV) U.S. senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500
  72. Hoekstra, Peter – (R-MI) Tea Party member and former U.S. senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500
  73. Hoggard, Billie Sue – (R-AR) Craig County republican chairman
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $100
  74. Holt, Jim – (R-AR) former state representative
    • John & Brenda Casteel (CofCC) – $500
  75. Hooper, Perry O., Sr. – (R-AL) deceased AL supreme court chief justice
    • Leonard Wilson (CofCC) – $100
  76. Hubbard, Jon M. – (R-AR) Tea Party member and state representative
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $450
  77. Huckabee, Mike (R) presidential candidate
    • Mark Weber (Inst. for Historical Review) – $1,500
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $200
    • Ron Wilson (CofCC) – $1,000
  78. Hugo, Timothy D. – (R-VA) state representative
    • Joseph Francis Farah (WorldNetDaily) – $500
  79. Hunstein, Carol W. – (R-GA) state supreme court justice
    • Sam Dickson (CofCC) – $1,000
  80. Hunt, Guy – (R-AL) deceased, state senator
    • Ray Martin (CofCC) – $100
    • Leonard Wilson (CofCC) – $300
  81. Hutchinson, Asa – (R-AR) governor
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $1,100
  82. Hutchinson, John K. – (R-AR) former state representative
    • John & Brenda Casteel (CofCC) – $500
  83. Jeffrey, Christina – (R-GA) state representative candidate
    • Virginia Abernethy (CofCC) – $250
  84. Johnson, Gary – (L) presidential candidate
    • David Macko (CofCC) – $1,550
  85. Johnson, Ronald Harold – (R-WI) Tea Party member and U.S. senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,250
  86. Jordan, Henry – (R-SC) gubernatorial candidate
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $200
  87. Keet, Jim – (R-AR) former state representative and state senator
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $500
  88. Kelly, Tavish – (R-MS) U.S. representative candidate
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $500
  89. King, Steve – (R-IA) Tea Party member and U.S. representative
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $2,500
  90. Kokesh, Adam Charles – (R-NM) former U.S.  representative
    • Thomas Woods (LOS) – $2,000
  91. Lamm, Dorothy V. – (D-CO) U.S. senate candidate
    • John Tanton (Social Contract Press) – $750
  92. Lawson, William T., Jr. – (R-NC) U.S. representative candidate
    • Thomas Woods (LOS) – $250
  93. Lee, Mike (R-UT) Tea Party member, U.S. senator and possible judicial appointment by Donald Trump according to Heritage Foundation
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  94. Leland, Jim – (D-GA)  state representative candidate
    • Sam Dickson (CofCC) – $200
  95. Libertarian National Committee
    • David Macko (CofCC) – $3,656
  96. Libertarian Party of Ohio
    • David Macko (CofCC) – $234
  97. Liljenquist, Dan (R-UT) Tea Party member and former state senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500
    • William D. Johnson (AFP) – $250
  98. Lipscomb, Albert – (R-AL) former state senator
    • Leonard Wilson (CofCC) – $100
  99. Lonegan, Steve – (R-NJ) Tea Party member, former Mayor of Bogota, NJ and U.S. senate candidate
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500
  100. Love, Mia – (R-UT) U.S. representative
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  101. The Madison Project Inc. – Tea Party group
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $250
  102. Mandel, Josh – (R-OH) supported by Tea Party, U.S. senate candidate and current Ohio treasurer
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,500
  103. Maness, Rob – (R-LA) Tea Party member and U.S. senate candidate
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  104. McBerry, Thomas R., Jr. – (R-GA) gubernatorial candidate
    • Phillip White (CofCC) – $500
  105. McCain, John – (R-AZ) U.S. senator and presidential candidate
    • Mark Weber (Inst. for Historical Review) – $500
  106. McCoy, David – (R-AR) state representative candidate
    • John & Brenda Casteel (CofCC) – $500
  107. McDaniel, Chris – (R-MS) Tea Party member and U.S. representative
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $2,700
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $2,500
  108. McDowell, Gary J. – (D-MI) former state representative
    • John Tanton (Social Contract Press) – $400
  109. McGarr, Edward T. – (Constitutional Party-UT) state representative candidate
    • Phillip White (CofCC) – $100
  110. McMahon, Linda – (R-CT) U.S. senate candidate and large Donald Trump donor
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,500
  111. Melvin, Albert Anthony – (R-AZ) former state senator
    • Glenn Spencer (Am. Border Patrol) – $320
  112. Miller, Joseph W. – (R-AK) Tea Party member and U.S. senate candidate
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500
  113. Milligan, Dennis – (R-AR) state treasurer
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $500
  114. Mississippi Republican Party
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $225
  115. Missouri Republican Party
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $50
  116. Moore, Roy S. – (R-AL) former state supreme court
    • Ray Martin (CofCC) – $175
  117. Mosely, Chad – (R-AR) state representative candidate
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $2,100
  118. Mourdock, Richard E. – (R-IN) Tea Party member and former U.S. senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $2,500
  119. Nader, Ralph – (Green) presidential candidate
    • John Tanton (Social Contract Press) – $2,000
  120. National Conservatives Campaign Fund
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $250
  121. National Republican Campaign Committee
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $300
  122. National Right to Life PAC
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $250
  123. Neumann, Mark W. – (R-WI) supported by Tea Party and former U.S. representative
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  124. Nightingale, Chelene – (I-CA) gubernatorial candidate
    • Barbara Coe (CA Coalition for Immigration Reform) – $350
    • Glenn Spencer (Am. Border Patrol) – $100
  125. Nunnelee, Patrick Alan – (R-MS) deceased, U.S. representative
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $500
  126. Oberweis, James – (R-IL) state senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500
  127. O’Donnell, Christine – (R-DE) Tea Party member and U.S. senate candidate
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $200
  128. Park, Robert D. – (Reform Party-AZ) U.S. senate candidate
    • John Tanton (Social Contract Press) – $2,000
  129. Paul, Rand – (R-KY) Tea Party member, U.S. senator and presidential candidate
    • Virginia Abernethy (AFP) – $500
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $200
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $2,500
    • William D. Johnson (AFP) – $2,150
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $385
    • Thomas Woods (LOS) – $200
  130. Paul, Ron – (R-TX) Tea Party member, former U.S. representative and presidential candidate
    • Virginia Abernethy (AFP)  – $4,951.20
    • Don Black ( – $500
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $500
    • Paul E. Gottfried (H.L. Mencken) – $300
    • Lois Johnson (AFP) – $2,300
    • William D. Johnson (AFP) – $7,000
    • Wayne Lutton (Social Contract) – $276.20
    • David Macko (CofCC) – $6,000
    • Scott Reid (AFP) – $1,000
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $1,130
    • Sonny Thomas (CofCC) – $197
    • Thomas Woods (CofCC) – $2,300
  131. Pearce, Russell K. – (R-AZ) Tea Party member and former state senator
    • Glenn Spencer (Am. Border Patrol) – $250
  132. Pickering, Charles – (R-MS) former U.S. representative
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $500
  133. Portman, Bob – (R-OH) supported by Tea Party and U.S. senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $250
  134. Putnam, Joshua – (R-SC) supported by Tea Party and state representative
    • Ron Wilson (CofCC) – $1,000
  135. Raese, John Reeves – (R-WV) endorsed by Tea Party and U.S senate candidate
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500
  136. Reed, Greg – (R-AL) endorsed by Tea Party and state senator
    • Leonard Wilson (CofCC) – $50
  137. Reeves, Charlotte – (R-MS) U.S. representative candidate
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $700
  138. Rehberg, Dennis – (R-MT) Tea Party member and former U.S representative
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  139. Republican Party of Arkansas
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $16,172.40
  140. Republican Party of Iowa
    • John Tanton (Social Contract Press) – $1,000
  141. Risch, James E. – (R-ID) supported by Tea Party and U.S senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500
  142. Roberts, William – (R-AL) supported by Tea Party and former state representative
    • Leonard Wilson (CofCC) – $50
  143. Romney, Mitt – (R-MA) former governor and presidential candidate
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $2,000
    • Katherine Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
    • Mark Weber (Inst. for Historical Review) – $500
  144. Rossi, Dino – (R-WA) former state senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500
  145. Ryan, Paul – (R-WI) U.S. representative and current Speaker of the House
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  146. Sabrin, Murray – (R-NJ) U.S. senate candidate
    • Thomas Woods (LOS) – $2,300
  147. Sanford, Marshall C. – (R-SC) Tea Party member and U.S. representative
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $250
  148. Santorum, Rick – (R-PA) Tea Party member, former U.S. senator and presidential candidate
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $2,500
    • Mark Weber (Inst. of Historical Review) – $1,750
  149. Sasse, Benjamin – (R-NE) supported by Tea Party and U.S. senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $2,000
  150. Schaefer, Matthew – (R-TX) state representative
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $250
  151. Senate Conservatives Fund
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,500
  152. Sharpe, Charles R. – (R-SC) former state representative
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $100
  153. Simpson, David – (R-TX) Tea Party member and former state representative
    • Earl & Katherine Holt (CofCC) – $3,500
  154. Smith, Steve – (R-AZ) state senator
    • Glenn Spencer (Am. Border Patrol) – $100
  155. South Carolina Republican Party
    • Roan Garcia-Quintana (CofCC) – $320
  156. Spence, Ronnie C. – (R-AR) state representative candidate
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $200
  157. Stoker, Michael Brian – (R-CA) state representative candidate
    • Mark Weber (Inst. of Historical Review) – $1,000
  158. Stone, Sydney J., Jr. – (L-OH) state representative candidate
    • David Macko (CofCC) – $200
  159. Stribling, Ken – (R-MS) state representative candidate
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $700
  160. Stumbaugh,, Mickey Darrin – (R-AR) former Cabot Mayor and state representative candidate
    • John Casteel (CofCC) – $1,500
  161. Stutzman, Marlin – (R-IN) Endorsed by Tea Party and U.S. representative
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  162. Tancredo, Tom – (R-CO) Supported by Tea Party, former U.S. representative and gubernatorial candidate
    • Peter Brimelow (VDARE) – $593
    • Barbara Coe (CA Coalition of Immigration Reform) – $1,300
    • Marcus Epstein (Taft Club) – $515
    • Glenn Spencer (American Border Patrol) – $450
    • John Tanton (FAIR) – $9,200
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $200
  163. Tankersley, Joe – (R-SC) state representative candidate
    • Ron Wilson (CofCC) – $250
  164. Tea Party Express
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $800
  165. Tegerdine, Joseph – (R-MS)  state representative candidate
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $400
  166. The Guardian Fund – supports Republican candidates
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $250
  167. Thomas, David Lloyd – (R-SC) former state senator
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $50
  168. Thrasher, John – (R-FL) former state senator
    • Phillip White (CofCC) – $100
  169. Tillis, Thom – (R-NC) Tea Party member and U.S. senator
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  170. Traditionalist Workers Party – white nationalist party
    • William D. Johnson (AFP) – $979
  171. Trump, Donald – (R) president elect
    • Paul Gottfried (H.L. Mencken) – $60
    • William D. Johnson (AFP) – $4,175
    • Phillip White (CofCC) – $56
    • American National Super PAC (AFP) – $5,800
  172. U.S. Immigration Reform PAC – PAC’s president is Mary Lou Tanton, wife of John Tanton
    • John Tanton (Social Contract Press) – $32,500
  173. Vaughters, DeeDee – (R-SC) Tea Party member and state senate candidate
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $30
  174. Verdin, Danny – (R-SC) state senator
    • Sam Dickson (CofCC) – $100
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $50
  175. Walker, Scott – (R-WI) Tea Party member, governor and presidential candidate
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $3,500
  176. Wallace, George, Jr. – (R-AL) public service commissioner candidate, state treasurer candidate and lt. governor candidate
    • Arthur Furniss (CofCC) – $100
    • Ray Martin (CofCC) – $100
    • Leonard Wilson (CofCC) – $500
  177. Wallace, Lisa – (R-AL) wife of George Wallace and state treasurer candidate
    • Leonard Wilson (CofCC) – $1,000
  178. Webb, Don – (R-NC) Tea Party member and state representative candidate
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500
  179. Webb, James – (D-VA) former  Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, former Secretary of the Navy and former U.S. senator
    • Carl E. Ford (LOS & KKK) – $400
  180. West, Allen B. – (R-FL) Tea Party member and former U.S. representative
    • Joseph Francis Farah (WorldNetDaily) – $2,300
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $1,000
  181. Whitaker, Bob – (AFP) presidential candidate
    • William D. Johnson (AFP) – $2,000
  182. Wilson, Ron – (R-SC) CofCC board member. Former Commander-in-Chief of Sons of Confederate Veterans. Former Anderson County council member. Former SC Board of Education member.
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $200
  183. Windom, Steve – (R-AL) former state senator and lt. governor.
    • Leonard Wilson (CofCC) – $100
  184. Wingate, Ken – (R-SC) state senate candidate
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $50
  185. Witherspoon, Walter P. – (R-SC) former National Executive Committeeman of SC Republican Party and U.S. senate candidate
    • Robert Slimp (CofCC) – $500
  186. Womack, Shawn A. – (R-AR) former state senator and state representative
    • John & Brenda Casteel (CofCC) – $250
  187. Zinke, Ryan – (R-MT) U.S, representative
    • Earl Holt (CofCC) – $500



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