Republicans Commence to Eat Their Own

Published on Crooks & Liars on 3/15/2017.

Trump is not known for his consistency. One day he’s claiming he’ll lock Hillary up for baseless charges, the next he could care less. Sometimes he states he is besties with Putin, other times he claims, “Putin who?” Last week he tweeted that Obama was wire tapping his phones, this week his press secretary stated that Trump really doesn’t think Obama tapped his phones. He’s consistently inconsistent.

Yet you can count on Trump for a few things: he lies, won’t take responsibility when things go wrong, will take responsibility for great things he hasn’t actually done like creating jobs, will attack anyone for criticizing him, is a con man through and through, etc. Most of all, Trump holds grudges. And like the elephant that is the mascot of his adopted party, he never forgets those wrongs that he feels others have committed against him. Never.

Just look at what he did to Mitt Romney. Trump purposefully and publicly humiliated him by making him beg for the secretary of state position. All the while, Trump was never, ever going to appoint him. He intended to get even and make Romney look like a fool to which he succeeded. He selected Ben Carson for HUD with the intent of destroying it for its audacity in suing Trump and his father back in 1973 for violating housing anti-discrimination laws. It’s even been said that the entire Trump presidency is a response to Obama teasing Trump publicly at the White House Correspondence dinner in 2011. And so on…

I would bet the house that Trump has a list of wrong doers, and at one time, Obama was probably target number one. Now that number one is assigned to Paul Ryan. Ryan earned that distinction when he uninvited Trump to his Michigan rally after the “grab them by the pussy” comment was made public. It took Ryan months to endorse Trump for the Republican nominee, and it took Trump even longer to endorse Ryan. Like two kids fighting over a toy, they begrudgingly shook hands.

This beef has not gone away; there is a giant crack in the Republican Party. In Ryan’s and his supporters’ minds, they are simply using Trump to sign their long list of laws they’ve been dreaming about for eight years. They think they are the ones holding the power, that they can get rid of Trump whenever his liabilities outweigh his benefits. On the other hand, the Trump team is using Ryan and cohorts to write the laws they want. They also believe they are more powerful and will likewise clean house when Ryan and the gang are of no use.

And so it begins. 

Ryan is pushing his healthcare bill like his life depended on it. That’s because his political life does. With constituents demanding some sort of healthcare program and elections coming in 2018, Ryan’s congressional gang has no choice but to put forth an alternative to the ACA. If they simply repeal and don’t replace, they will be voted out. Ryan has even resorted to buying ads against other Republicans that tell their constituents to demand their representatives support his bill. This is nothing less than a stab in the back.

Trump’s gang wants to see nothing short of repeal. Trump may publicly say that he wants healthcare for all, to save social security and other government benefits programs, but he doesn’t. This is just another election lie like the “lock her up” lie. Trump knew he could not win without this promise.

You have to believe not in what they say, but in what they do to know the truth.

That truth is that Trump only listens to Bannon, Breitbart, Fox News, Infowars and the like. And what those people have been doing for years is railing against the Republican Party. They believe Republicans like Ryan and his supporters are Republican In Name Only (RINO). Breitbart even sells merchandise with RINO emblazed on it. They do not support these RINOs and most certainly do not support government healthcare.

Just this week, Breitbart once again went on the attack again. Their top story exposes Ryan for the Trump hater he is. In it they released a secretly recorded phone conversation between Ryan and multiple Republican representatives. In it he clearly stated his opposition to Trump, and added that he would never support him. This can read as nothing other than a deliberate call for Trumpites to attack Ryan and his gang.

And they are answering that call. Noah Wall of FreedomWorks, Breitbart News Daily, Alex Marlow of Sirius XM, and Lou Dobbs of Fox Business News are calling for Ryan to resign. Even Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots got in on the action when she met with Trump earlier this week. Martin emphasized to Trump that he should not forget that it was Ryan that did not support him during the Access Hollywood fiasco, but that Tea Party Patriots and her PAC never waned in their support. And now FreedomWorks, Breitbart, Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Representative Jim Jordon are holding a protest called FreedomWork’s Day of Action tomorrow, March 15th at the Capital Building.

The Republican civil war has begun. Pass the popcorn please.

Trump Begins His War for Oil

By U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt Michael A. Blaha

Published on Crooks & Liars on 3/11/2017.

Did Trump just begin his war for oil yesterday? That’s the question everyone in the media should be asking. According to Crooks & Liars editor Karoli Kuns and The Associated Press, Trump just sent hundreds of Marines to help Russia and Assad take over Raqqa, Syria. Hundreds more were sent to Kuwait presumably to assist in taking Mosul, Iraq back from the Islamic State.

Trump and Bannon are a pair of broken records when it comes to fighting the IS. Both have repeatedly stated they intend to wipe the IS fighters off the face of the earth. This is a policy that would receive bipartisan support depending on the strategies used. Who wouldn’t want to see the end of these terrorists? But most draw the line with the boots on the ground strategy Trump just deployed. Americans are not so keen on seeing more soldiers in flag draped coffins after 16 years of fighting in the Arab region.

But Trump and Bannon could care less what anyone thinks. They are determined to continue the war and escalate it. Much like Trump’s promises to conduct mass deportation raids, implement a Muslim ban and repeal the ACA, we should take him at his word in regards to the Arab region.

Not only has he promised to bomb these countries beyond recognition, he promised to take their oil. Since George W. Bush’s Iraq war, Trump has given dozens of interviews where he stated that he would “take the oil.” He even stated such during the campaign. There are at least 47 tweets from Trump since 2011 where he claims that the U.S. should have taken a country’s oil or been paid in oil. Syria and Iraq are his top targets with Libya and Iran following close behind.

The media is currently spending most of their air time discussing Trumpcare as they should, but they are missing the boat on this. Americans should be prepared that Trump and Bannon are going to send their loved ones back to the Arab region not just to fight the Islamic State, but to steal oil.


Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of Hypocrisy

By Ted Eytan from Washington, DC, USA – 2017.02.13 Hands of DC Protest, Washington, DC USA 00740

Published on Crooks & Liars on 3/8/2017.

Jason Chaffetz, Republican representative of Utah’s 3rd district and Chairman of the Oversight and Reform Committee, can always be counted on for great headlines. He’s your typical Republican in that he doesn’t believe in climate change, civil rights or a woman’s right to healthcare. And like his fellow conservatives, he’s always good for an insensitive, self-righteous comment.

His latest was not only offensive, but it also showed his ignorance and prejudice in regards to poor Americans. When asked how these Americans would pay for the increases found in the joke of a healthcare bill just released by the GOP, Chaffetz proudly exclaimed,

“Americans have choices. And they’ve got to make a choice. And so maybe, rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love, and they want to go spend hundreds of dollars on that, maybe they should just invest in their own healthcare.”

Not only does Chaffetz assume that poor people have iPhones, but he assumes they would choose it over healthcare. He is suggesting that the reason people can’t afford healthcare is because they make poor choices. No, it couldn’t be that the healthcare system is simply not affordable. It couldn’t be that healthcare and insurance companies spend millions on politicians like Chaffetz to keep their profits increasing. No, it has nothing to do with wages not keeping up with the cost of living. It’s that poor people are too busy buying iPhones and such.

Chaffetz’ quotes are fantastic for their idiocy and righteous indignation, and quite often they show just how much of a hypocrite he is, which is a huge one. To date, his most famous hypocritical moment was captured during the last election when the video surfaced of Trump stating he liked to sexually assault women, and that he could get away with it because he was a star. Chaffetz wasted no time getting in front of cameras on various networks to claim the moral high ground and state he would not endorse Trump for president.

“I’m out! I can no longer in good conscience endorse this person for president. It is some of the most abhorrent and offensive comments that you can possibly imagine. My wife and I, we have a 15 year old daughter, and if I can’t look her in the eye and tell her these things, I can’t endorse this person.”

It took only 19 days for Chaffetz to expose himself as a hypocrite. He announced he was over his disgust and had re-endorsed Trump. Apparently, he looked his daughter in the eye and told her he would vote for an admitted sexual predator for president. Party over country sweetie. Perhaps he warned her not to stand to close to Trump.

By United States Congress. – Congressman Jason Chaffetz., Public Domain

He follows the Republican mantra of states’ rights, but once again he spews hypocrisy when he perceives it will benefit him politically. Take his ongoing feuds with Washington D.C.’s local government. Washington D.C. is of course not a state, however it maintains a local government just like those found in every state and attempts to maintain its own identity separate from the federal government as much as possible. In 2009, after D.C. passed a law approving same-sex marriage, Chaffetz attempted to overturn it. In 2015, he made a giant ass of himself when he threatened to jail the D.C. mayor, Muriel Bowser, if she allowed Initiative 71 to become law. Initiative 71 made it legal for individuals to possess and use small amounts of marijuana. It was approved by 65% of voters. Mayor Bowser never went to jail, and 71 became law even with Chaffetz’ ludicrous threats. Currently, he’s attempting to overturn D.C.’s law that allows terminally ill patients to end their lives with the assistance of a physician. Basically, he believes in states’ rights but only if he agrees with the topic. If they pass laws he doesn’t agree with, then he’s not for states’ rights.

Chaffetz’ fraud can even be seen in his chairmanship of the Oversight Committee. He called for Obama to be impeached over Benghazi, and stated that he had 2 years worth of investigations on Hillary Clinton should she become president. Of course, since she lost, he’s not so hot to trot on investigating her. Apparently, he’s unaware that in the United States, crimes are investigated and not people. A crime or the appearance of a crime must be committed for an investigation to occur. To investigate someone looking for a crime is what countries like Russia do.

Speaking of Russia…Chaffetz refuses to investigate Trump even though there is more than enough evidence that Trump is not only violating the Emoluments Clause against conflicts of interest, but that he and his campaign have been proven to have ties to Russia. This is even with Russia admitting they had contacts with the administration during the election and with Russia having been found to illegally hack, steal and disseminate information from the DNC in order to help Trump win the election. The Trump campaign used information they knew was illegally obtained to win the presidency.

So far, Chaffetz is sticking to his “nothing to see here” hypocritical philosophy. Clearly the level of evidence needed to investigate a Democrat is much less than that of a Republican.

The level of Chaffetz’ hypocrisy knows no bounds. It can even be found in regards to his religion. It is well known that he is a practicing Mormon, and he has even cited his faith as reason for some of his positions regarding legislation. In the Mormon religion, it is strictly forbidden for Latter Day Saints to drink or smoke. This includes the selling or profiting from these sins. These laws can be found in the Word of Wisdom, section 89 of the Doctrine of Covenants.

Chaffetz blatantly violates the laws of his own faith. Since 2009, he has taken thousands of dollars from both alcohol distributors and alcohol and cigarette producers. Altria, the parent company of Philip Morris and Ste. Michele wines, the Wine and Spirit Wholesalers of America, Anheuser Busch and the National Beer Wholesaler Association have contributed over $88,000 to Chaffetz. Specifically, Chaffetz has accepted $73,500 from alcohol related companies and $14,700 from tobacco companies. Sorry Jesus, it’s party over religion for this one.

Somebody needs to return his special Mormon underwear.