Trump PAC Money Being Used to Build Rigging Case

The media may be acting like they were surprised by Trump’s circus du jour at the second presidential debate the other night, but I find that to be more than a little disingenuous. Truth is Trump has not only been hinting at this charade for quite some time, he’s been planning it since at least May of this year.

In October of 2015, Trump sycophant Roger Stone created a political action committee by the name of the “Committee to Restore America’s Greatness.” On May 16, 2016, this PAC paid Kathy Shelton $2,500 and listed the expense as “contract labor.”


For those of you living under a rock, Shelton was the victim of a rape when she was twelve years old. Hillary Clinton was ordered by the court to defend her attacker, something all attorneys are required by law to do. Though Shelton and her mother agreed to a plea deal to avoid further trauma, she now claims Hillary worked her magic to get him off and then laughed about it. Recordings of Hillary discussing the case prove that she was actually chuckling about issues relating to court proceedings and not about Shelton. She’s even admitted that she did not remember that Clinton was the lawyer in her case until years later when it was pointed out to her.

Trump claims he has nothing to do with this PAC or the cash paid. One would have to question this assertion after reading the organizational documents of the PAC. These documents can all be found on the Federal Election Committee’s (FEC) website. This PAC was actually born as “Americans for Trump PAC” on October 17, 2015. Three days later on the 20th, the name was changed to the “Committee to Restore America’s Greatness.” This leads to question why. Knowing that Trump has an insatiable need to plaster his name on everything he touches or that touches him, I am left with assuming it was changed simply to distance Trump from the PAC.

trump-pac trump-pac-name-change

If you’re wondering what else this PAC and Roger Stone has in store, you need to only look at what the PAC is spending it’s money on. In March of this year alone, the PAC has spent $485,485.77 with Citroen Associates. Listed on FEC documents as to the reason for these expenditures?

“Voter fraud research and documentation.”


That’s almost $500,000 in one month to investigate something that all studies have shown virtually does not exist. In addition to these expenses, the PAC has also donated $50,000 to another PAC by the name of “Stop the Steal,” another voter fraud PAC.

I keep hearing and reading that Trump is going to claim the election is rigged if he loses. We know he is going to lose. Now you know how he’s going to drum up some bullshit studies to prove it was rigged. It’s been the plan for at least a year now.

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