White Supremacists Taking Over Republican Party

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

-Maya Angelou

The presidency of Donald Trump is upon us. And though I can hardly believe it, it is real. It is our collective reality. With each day slowly marching towards his inauguration, the Trump cabal has begun to announce their administrative picks. The one commonality everyone notices in his choices? They all are blatant racists. The press may be playing it safe and pretending that they are unsure how Trump intends to govern, but anyone who is paying the least amount of attention realizes what is going on.

So far Trump has picked Steve Bannon, a known white supremacist. In fact he is THE white supremacist leader in America today due to his position as the head of Breitbart News. Under his direction, Breitbart has spread racist, homophobic, misogynist and ethnocentric views to millions of white Americans who have gobbled his rhetoric up like candy. He may want us to call him an Alt-Right leader or far right leader, but do not be so foolish. A racist by any other name is still a racist.

Second Trump pick is Jeff Sessions. This man was denied a federal judgeship due to his racist rhetoric. He was able to become a U.S. senator only due to enough like-minded bigots voting for him in Alabama, a state with a horrid record on civil rights. I should know, I was raised there. Sessions has characterized the NAACP as a hate organization and even brought charges against a civil rights leader for assisting black citizens in voting.

There is a long line of Republicans hoping to be considered for the Trump administration. And if you were hoping that some of these conservatives had some sort of backbone, you’d be disappointed. Republicans that proclaimed Trump to be “a phony, a fraud, a liar” are now lining up to kneel before the bloated, gold-gilded majesty in order to get theirs. Like a Shakespearian play, you can rest assured they will get theirs in due time.

If you are just now tuning into politics and you are white, you might think this racism is a new phenomenon. It isn’t. The Republican party might have started out as the party of Lincoln, but it is ending as the party of Strom Thurmond. Countless racist groups have come out in support of the Trump administration; from KKK marches in his honor to preppy “Alt-Right” organizations such as the Council of Conservative Citizens, a more genteel version of the KKK. But this has been a long time in the making. Trump did not create this, he is the product of the Republicans flirting and out-right courting of racists.

It is not that all Republicans/conservatives are racists or that all racists are Republicans/conservatives. After all, one needs only to look back to recent American history to find racist Democrats known as Dixiecrats. What is evident is that today’s white supremacists are looking to the Republican Party to gain power and further their agenda. The Republican Party is infested.

We have become complacent in America. Perhaps many of us felt that with the election of a black president, racism was on its last, dying leg. The thought of white men parading around in pointy hoods seemed ludicrous, even laughable. You should know most of today’s white supremacists think so too. Modern day American racists can be divided up into two main groups, costumed bigots and mainstream bigots. Costumed bigots are the KKK, skinheads and Aryans. Mainstream bigots wear business attire or everyday jeans and t-shirts. They don’t wear their racism on their sleeves, but if you listen to their diatribes, you can easily spot them.

Arguments such as, “If blacks have BET, why can’t whites have their own channel,” is a sign that someone holds racist views. Using terms such as “European or European American” are used instead of white. Often you will hear them say, “I’m concerned about our European American heritage disappearing in this country.” What they are actually saying is, “I am worried about our white heritage disappearing in this county.” When questioned on their racist views, they will resort to stating that you are “intolerant” of their views. In this argument, they have co-opted the talking points of minority groups not only to serve their own bigoted purpose but to also devalue minority positions.

The so-called war against terrorism has further pushed their agenda into the Oval Office. This and the fear of refugees has somewhat sealed the deal and brought many Americans, white Americans who would never identify as racists into the “Alt-Right” fold. It is the stated goal of Islamic terrorist organizations to use religion, racism and fear to cause global war, and they are achieving it. By inundating Americans with visuals of terrorist acts being committed by Islamists, they are stoking and creating the irrational fear response that if the majority of terrorist attacks are being committed by people of Islamic faith, them most Islamists must be terrorists. The next step was to create a sea of Islamic refugees. To that end, Syria fit the bill. Now you have a fear of Islam and a fear of refugees that seems rational if you are only thinking with the flight or fight part of your brain. With this, white supremacists saw their opening. They were able to translate these common American fears into a fear of immigrants in general and a fear of anything non-white.

What most Americans and the media have not realized is that these modern day racists have been working behind the political scenes for decades. Since the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, white supremacists have been quietly working on infiltrating the American government. They realized that to gain back power, they would have to stop parading around in silly costumes. Additionally, they would have to find a way to convert non-racist, newly enlightened whites back to their side. They needed to isolate them, segregate them. One way was through adopting the need of white evangelicals to keep their children from being exposed to popular culture. Thus the advent of home schooling. Conservatives, having labeled themselves the evangelical party in order to garner votes, pushed home schooling and vouchers for private schooling thus isolating generations from the predominantly more liberal, inclusive populations which of course included the majority of blacks and Hispanics.

Always trying to push their agenda further, evangelicals became dissatisfied with the Republican Party for not going far enough in adopting their views for the entire country. They not only wanted to isolate their children from ethnic minorities and liberals who did not share their opinions, they wanted to isolate themselves entirely to include work and government. Add to this a push back on gay rights and a black president, and the white supremacists had the perfect opening. Thus the Tea Party was born. And it is through the Tea Party and to a certain extent some members of the Libertarian Party, that the Republican Party became infected with white supremacy.

Mainstream or non-costumed white supremacists have been supporting certain Republican candidates for quite some time now. They have been slowly chipping away at framing built by past generations evidenced by the undoing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the current movement deemed religious freedom legislation. They have infiltrated their collective groups, many of them conservative youth groups, and even their administrations. They control the conservative talk shows and media outlets to include political pundits and authors who spew their divisive hatred in the form of their rights 24/7. Many of the leaders of white supremacist media outlets, whether they be websites or production companies, serve on conservative group boards. Many more work for campaigns of Republican or Tea Party candidates. Many Republicans legislatures speak at their conferences and many more take political donations from these known hate groups.

A few week ago, I showed how Trump took money from various white supremacists. He even assigned the well known leader of a white supremacist political party, William Daniel Johnson of the American Freedom Party as a delegate for him during the primaries. Once he was discovered by the press, Trump’s team feigned ignorance but continued to take his donations and allowed him to make robo calls to various states on Trump’s behalf.

In the next few installments, I will show you political donations to specific candidates supported by these white supremacists. Many of these politicians have even spoken at their conventions and court their approval. You will learn who these people are, what groups they belong to and how they are involved in the current American political scene.

They are organized. They have an agenda. They are in our current Republican Party and the soon to be Presidential Administration.

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